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Colleen Werner
Colleen Werner
Founder + CEO
Jeremy Werner
Jeremy Werner
Bicé Grobstein

Bicé Grobstein

It’s fair to call entrepreneur, adviser, and strategist Bicé Grobstein a go-getter. She founded an amenity management and tenant experience firm called Concierge Redefined, which launched major NYC projects such as the American Copper Buildings with JDS Development Group. When LIVunLtd acquired Concierge Redefined, Grobstein joined the former as co-president to lead the acquisition transition. Now Executive Vice President at lulafit, she spearheads the company’s sales and marketing engine. Bicé’s expertise is in high demand among real estate owners who are looking for guidance on actualizing conceptual plans at their facilities.

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Bicé Grobstein
Executive Vice President
Ryan Redmann
VP of Product
Maggie McDaris
VP of Program + Partnerships
Zack Neff
VP of Information

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