Wellness Culture 101

January 1, 2023

Building a thriving wellness culture to represent buildling tenants and empower employers to prioritize their team’s well-being is essential to the success of the workplace.  But where do you begin?

This guide will help you amplify the health and happiness of employees.  Each step is connected and influential.  The starting point is up to you.

Wellness Culture Goals:

  • High employee engagement
  • Lower reports of burnout
  • Enhanced employee well-being
  • Boosted employee satisfaction
  • Proven ROI + VOI


Offer multiple wellness channels employees can immediately access.  Create one hub of resources + tools, making it easy for people to access their physical, mental, and social wellness perks.


Get everyone involved, especially senior leaders of each employer.  This will emphasize your commitment to employee wellness.  Empower leaders to model the practices they wish to see in their employees.


Keep all messages accessible, engaging, and direct.  You want employees to feel prepared and encouraged to nourish their well-being.

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Lulafit works with real estate teams and employers to turn office buildings into workplace destinations.  Whether consulting on the design of the amenity suite or activating spaces with on-site operations, our hospitality-focused and wellness-forward approach takes the stress out of building amenities to support the future of work.  The result is increased retention, higher engagement, and healthier and happier people.
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