Designing Exceptional Amenities for Lease-up Success

Lulafit's amenity expertise played a pivotal role in securing an anchor tenant and leasing over 50% of 800 Fulton before its official opening, setting a new standard for commercial office spaces in Fulton Market.
Amenity Consulting
Fitness Center Management
Hosted Conferencing
Community Engagement
Amenity Consulting
Fitness Center Management
Hosted Conferencing
Community Engagement

Designing Exceptional Amenities for Lease-up Success

Lulafit's amenity expertise played a pivotal role in securing an anchor tenant and leasing over 50% of 800 Fulton before its official opening, setting a new standard for commercial office spaces in Fulton Market.

800 Fulton Market

800 Fulton Street is a state-of-the-art commercial office building located in Chicago, designed by the renowned architectural firm, SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill). The building opened its doors in 2021, offering 480,000 square feet of modern office space. One of the key factors contributing to its lease-up success was the outstanding amenity package, comprising a fitness center, conferencing facilities, and a lounge + rooftop amenity/event space. Lulafit played a pivotal role in the amenity design as well as the Gold WELL certification for the project. This case study focuses on the instrumental role Lulafit played in creating a remarkable amenity experience that significantly contributed to the building's leasing achievements.
Thor Equities
Stream Realty Partners
480,000 sqft
53,000 sqft

In 2018, Thor, the developer of 800 Fulton Street, recognized the potential of the property and decided to pursue a speculative leasing approach. To differentiate the building from other offerings in the competitive Fulton Market, Thor understood the importance of delivering extraordinary amenities that would attract and retain high-profile tenants. Consequently, they partnered with Lulafit to develop a comprehensive amenity strategy, 11% of the building's square footage, that would set 800 Fulton Street apart from its competitors and secure an anchor tenant, The Aspen Group, during construction.  

Engagement Initiatives

Lulafit goes beyond fitness, also engaging the full tenant population through wellness focused activations and building-wide communication aimed at creating a positive tenant experience for everyone in the building.

We achieve this through building-wide events and lobby activations marketed by our team.

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Space Enhancements

Prior to the Oct 17, 2022 launch, Lulafit team evaluated the existing fitness space and found areas of greatest impact to improve facilities and create a higher end offering for tenants.

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Design and Amenity Strategy:

Lulafit, in collaboration with SOM, formulated a unique amenity strategy that focused on enhancing the daily life of prospective tenants. The goal was to create an environment that not only offered the necessary amenities but also promoted a healthy, productive, and enjoyable work-life experience. Lulafit's team meticulously planned the layout and programming of the fitness center- The Rec Club, conferencing facilities, and rooftop amenity area, ensuring they seamlessly integrated into the building's overall design.

User Journeys and Tenant Experience:

Lulafit adopted a user-centric approach, envisioning the journey of potential tenants through the amenities. They carefully mapped out user journeys that showcased how each amenity would positively impact the daily routines of the building's future occupants. These user journeys were instrumental in helping prospective tenants visualize themselves utilizing the amenities and fostering a strong emotional connection to the space.

WELL Certification Support:

Lulafit played a significant role in helping 800 Fulton Street achieve the prestigious WELL Gold Certification. The WELL Building Standard is a globally recognized certification that focuses on promoting the health and well-being of building occupants. Lulafit's expertise in WELL certification standards allowed them to align the amenity design with the stringent requirements. Lulafit’s amenity consulting and subsequent operational programming brought the building’s standing from Silver to Gold by meeting many additional WELL features.


Feature 39 - Processed Foods,

Feature 40 - Food Allergies, 

Feature 43 - Artificial Ingredients,

Feature 44 - Nutrition Information Lulafit’s Registered Dietitian helped create a f+b offering that met all nutritional requirements.

Features 39-40, 43-44
Food advertising

Lulafit’s Registered Dietitian created marketing materials that promote healthy food choices. 

Feature 45
Fitness Equipment

Lulafit’s amenity consulting team outlined and procured fitness equipment that promote cardiovascular health and muscle strengthening.

Feature 70
WELL Tours

The Lulafit on site time conducts monthly WELL Tours that enable building occupants and visitors to learn more about the impact of built spaces on their health and well-being.

Innovation Feature 101
Social Programming

Lulafit’s on site team hosts social and community wellbeing events quarterly. Events are be hosted by a variety of qualified health professionals (i.e., Registered Dietitians, trained chefs, licensed therapists) and will also include a social component to foster human health through human connection

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Marketing and Lease-Up Success:

With the amenity strategy and design in place, Thor understood the importance of effectively marketing the project to potential tenants. They hired the marketing firm Torque to help promote 800 Fulton Street as a prime destination for forward-thinking businesses seeking an exceptional work environment. The marketing efforts heavily emphasized the unique and thoughtfully designed amenities, setting the building apart from its competitors.

Lease-Up Achievements:

The combined efforts of Stream, lulafit, SOM, and Torque proved highly successful. By providing prospective tenants with a compelling amenity experience, 800 Fulton Street managed to lease more than 50% of the building before its official opening in 2021, landing The Aspen Group as an anchor tenant.

800 Fulton Street's outstanding lease-up success can be attributed in large part to the strategic involvement of Lulafit in the design, WELL certification support, and operations/tenant experience management. By crafting a unique amenity strategy and user journeys, Lulafit enabled prospective tenants to envision themselves working in the space, driving interest and leasing commitments well before the building's completion. The attainment of WELL Gold Certification further reinforced the commitment to the well-being of future occupants. Overall, 800 Fulton Street stands as a prime example of how thoughtful amenity design and a user-centric approach can significantly contribute to the success of a commercial development.

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“Our partnership with lulafit has added value at every stage, from the initial design to the launch of our amenities at 800 Fulton. Their design consulting and operations plan were crucial to the successful lease of our asset.”

Peter McEneaney, Thor