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Less than 25% of employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their well-being, the lowest percentage since 2012.¹
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Lulafit platform

Employee well-being at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Flexible to meet the future of work, our omnichannel services allow you to support employee well-being no matter where your team works.

Our solutions


An HQ experience employees can access anywhere.  With an expansive library of holistic resources and virtual coaching, the lulafit app empowers employees with the tools to be their best selves.

Amenity consulting

Activate spaces to make the office relevant again.  Intelligent design decisions will optimize your amenities for maximum engagement. Our design will be beautiful and operationally sustainable.

On-site management

Our service standards ensure employees feel welcomed and empowered to try new things.  Behind the scenes, our team develops an attention to detail to keep your space running effortlessly.

Private events

Boost employee engagement and social connection with curated private events: workshops, lunch + learns, social events, and lifestyle experiences. Available in person, virtual, and hybrid.


Support personalized wellness needs with fitness training, nutritional counseling, and mental well-being coaching.  Employees spark progress toward their unique and evolving goals.

Live and on-demand experiences promoting wellness

A variety of programs to help increase engagement and productivity, including fitness classes, mindfulness and mental health tools, personal and professional development, and nutritional support.
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Access to personal well-being perks and services

Quick and easy online booking to private training, nutritional services, and wellness perks like discounts to popular brands.

Well-being coaching and accountability check-ins

Help employees plan and track progress towards their biggest wellness goals through defined programs, personalized coaching, and a science-backed methodology.
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Recognition for achievements and challenges

Boost motivation and embrace healthy habits with daily challenges and progress stats designed to help hit health and wellness targets.

Social and sharing to reinforce your wellness culture

As employees improve their health together, they can easily share wins and cheer others on to boost participation and team bonding.
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Supporting the whole person

Replace disorganized point solutions with a platform that aligns with your DEI goals.  Inclusivity is at the center of everything we do.  Our holistic programming supports physical, mental, and social health, offering something for everyone.  Employees are empowered regarless of their shape, size, idenitify, and ability.
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  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Highly credentialed programming team
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“Thank you to lulafit for providing a wonderful variety of wellness content options for us. I’m using the meditation & exercise options as a great way to practice self-care, relieve stress, and be present in the moment.”

Irene, employee at Aon

“Lulafit helps me stay healthy, which helps me be a better husband, father, and employee. I couldn't be happier with them.”

Jason, employee at LSV Asset Management
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“I love kicking off my mornings with a lulafit class. The instructors are energetic, fun, and know how to switch it up so I am always excited to workout.”

Alyssa, employee at KPMG
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