To Our Valued Clients, Members, and Partners.

While our dedicated team is doing everything they can to ensure that using a lulafit facility is as safe as possible, your help, patience, and understanding will significantly enhance our team’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
What we're doing
+ We are following all guidance from national and local health organizations, including the Center for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization. We have rewritten our company’s Standard Operating Procedures and onboarding process to include health, safety, and cleaning training specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. This training contains CDC guidelines for PPE and social distancing.

+ As of August 20, 2021, our staff and all on-site members must wear face coverings at all times.

+ All our locations have been professionally cleaned and disinfected.

+ We will be increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection by our staff as well as leveraging additional cleaning measures by our professional cleaning partners. 

+ Virtual and on-demand options will continue to be offered through the lulafit LIVE for members that are uncomfortable coming into the facility or are continuing to work from home.  This includes live-stream experiences and an on-demand library of fitness, mindfulness, lifestyle, and nutrition content.

+ We have provided more sanitation and cleaning wipe stations at our locations.

+ Where applicable, we have suspended some amenities such as infused water, eucalyptus towels, and some locker room amenities.

+ Where needed, we will post signs to make some equipment unavailable to allow for social distancing and cleaning.

+ When available, Group Exercise classes will have reduced capacity to allow for social distancing and provide enough space for our members and staff to feel safe while working out.

+ Lulafit will continue to adapt to the changing landscape the pandemic has caused. We will continue to communicate regularly with members, clients, and partners via our emails, posted signage, and the website.
How you can help
+ As of August 20, 2021, all members must wear a face covering at all times.

+ Give each other at least six feet of space to members and staff and follow posted signage. We are updating policies posted in your location to keep you safe. Additionally, please follow any directions given by lulafit staff.

+ Social distancing means more space between equipment, lockers, and at the counter, which means it may take longer to complete your workout. Please be patient and allow extra time in the gym and locker rooms.

+ Before entering and exiting a facility, wash your hands and use the provided hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your face while working out.

+ Wipe down the equipment after use. To make this easier, we are placing more hand wipe stations throughout our facilities.

+ Our staff will clean exercise mats before putting them back in use to ensure proper disinfection. Please help by following your facility’s procedure or by bringing your own mat.

+ Stay home if you are feeling sick, have a fever, or have a cough.

+ For outdoor physical activity and classes, face coverings may be removed, as long as individuals are practicing social distancing

+ Let us know if you, or someone you have been in contact with, has tested positive to COVID-19. While we won’t share your name or personal details, we need to let members and cleaning teams know they may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

+ Make sure your email is up-to-date in our system so we can effectively communicate changes and provide new information as we receive it.
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